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Rune Kits

There is nothing more magical than a tool that you have made yourself. Unfortunately, few people have access to the information and materials necessary to achieve a truly satisfying result.

Our 'do-it-yourself' rune kits allow even the most unskilled woodworker to create and customize their very own set of wood runes.

Each kit comes complete with:

  • 26 pre-cut blank wood pieces

  • a vial of red ochre powder

  • a cloth pouch

  • sandpaper for finishing

Plus a twelve-page instruction booklet detailing how to carve, colour and use your runes. Available in red oak or birch wood.


Wood type:


Rune Carving Tools

These V-shaped ‘parting’ gouges from Lee Valley Tools are approximately 5 1/2" long overall and nicely honed, which makes them very easy to handle even for amateur woodworkers. Perfect for use with our do-it-yourself rune kits.
(not available for wholesale)



Red Ochre Powder

Red ochre has been used since Neolithic times to symbolize the blood of life. Its traditional use as a pigment for colouring runes is well documented. We are pleased to be able to offer this pigment, used by indigenous cultures around the world, to the modern student of the runes.

Available in 8 ml baggies (approx.), complete with instructions on preparation and use.



Did You Know...

In runic tradition, there are four main steps to carving runes:

  1. Marking

  2. Cutting

  3. Reddening / Blooding

  4. Speaking / Singing (the rune name)


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