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Medieval Game Board

Game set includes a double-sided, 5 1/2" square carved board, 32 peg pieces, and complete instructions for these three games:

Nine Man's Morris is one of the world's oldest and most popular board games. Like a complex version of naughts and crosses, the game is simple to learn and fun to play.

Fox and Geese is a Medieval favourite in which the fox is pitted against 13 geese. Probably originating in Viking Age Scandinavia, this is a classic game of strategy.

Sailor's Solitaire has been a favorite among sailors for centuries, and is played on the same board as Fox and Geese.



Did You Know...

The word 'tafl' (properly pronounced 'tabl', although nobody does) is based on the Latin root for 'table', and historically referred to any sort of board game. Names for several such games have been passed to us in the literature, like hnefatafl ('King's Table'), halatafl, etc., but it is not always certain which specific game they refer to.


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